Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Amazing Proposals

Quite some time ago, I witnessed a live public marriage proposal which sent me on a proposal-hunting spree on Youtube. Here is a bunch of interesting ones that I found:

1. on the Scrubs set
2. Disneyland musical
3. using a Harry Potter book in the Eiffel Tower
4. Super Mario
5. cute cellphone-edited video 

But my favorite is this video. It was the "movie trailer" a guy made that he made to play in a movie theatre so he could propose to his fiance. I thought it was already extreme until I saw this list. Here is the breakdown, you can read in more detail on the site. Now excuse me while I cry a bit.

1. The man who proposed at Gravity Zero
2. The man who proposed virtually at Halo video game
3. The man who got on fire before kneeling down and proposing
4. The man who proposed at 20,000 feet just before skydiving
5. The man who raised money on the internet to buy TV ad space to propose
6. The man who hacked his Girlfriend's computer game to pop the question
7. The man who popped the question with umbrellas
8. A camera man who asked Tom Cruise to pop the question
9. The man who hired a £10,000 theatre company to play his proposal
10. The man who created an art exhibition to pop the question

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